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An interactive news experience

If you relied on Facebook Page posts to distribute news to your followers, then your job just got harder. Facebook now limits posts to the most relevant from friends and family. But you can still keep Facebook users engaged with a paid campaign that features interactive content like this.

    Free Content

    Free content that features affiliate links and sponsors.

    Paid Content

    Users PAY to access with an email or payment.

Our new RabbitActive software lets us create interactive you can share by email, or in a paid campaign on Facebook. Our interactive newsletters let you feature your latest news, videos, competitions and more. Plus they're designed to capture leads and subscriptions too.

Share and Play Anywhere

Share and play Rabbit content anywhere. It will even play INSIDE Line, WeChat and Facebook, so your users can stay in the apps they love and still experience your content.

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Keep your Audience Engaged

Rabbit makes it easy to quickly curate and share a collection of content into an interactive masterpiece you can share and play on social. Attract and engage your audience with quality content that keeps them reading and interacting.


Founded in 1999, Drag and Drop helps publishers worldwide produce print and digital advertising. Our services include both cloud based software and outsourced staffing services that save our clients time and money.


Our EzADsPro platform lets you build property and motor car ads online. LocalPrices helps local merchants share their latest offers online. And RabbitActive lets you build interactive ads for online campaigns.


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