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Demo       Setup       Offers       About

Demo   Setup  Offers   About

Setup Timeline

From start to launch our professional team are behind you, sharing ideas, planning and executing every step of the launch.

  •     STEP 1


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    We’ll work closely with you to tailor our program and the branding of the mobile apps for your market. We also recommend you preview the program with your key merchants to get early excitement and feedback.
  •      STEP 2

    Setup and Training

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    Next we’ll setup the branding for your mobile apps. We’ll also change the mobile app splash screen and some of the graphics to reflect your design and style. We’ll also setup your admin software and integration with your Facebook page.
  •     STEP 3

    Signup Merchants

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    You already have established relationships with your merchants. Work with key retailers. Their participation will motivate other retailers to join too. Encourage your retailers to download the new app and check it out.
  •     STEP 4

    Add Offers

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    It’s critical that your new app have lots of interesting, relevant and money saving offers. Merchants can start adding new offers at any time and set them to start on Launch day, via the mobile app, or you can do it from the Back Office.
  •     STEP 5

    Pre-launch Promotion

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    Once you know the retailers who will be participating and their offers, you can start promoting the launch by featuring exclusive offers that will be on the app. This can be done through flyers, newspapers ads, bus stop signs and your Facebook page.
  •      STEP 6


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    Our first goal is to get people downloading and using the app. What will make them download the app? The promise of deals and specials only available on the app. What will keep them using the app? The promise of new deals and offers available every day.
  •     STEP 7

    Keep it Fresh

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    Keep the content and offers fresh, new and exciting. Continue to promote it in-store and using the other media tools you have access to. Continue to listen to your merchants and shoppers, so we can continue to improve the service for everyone.

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