Easy Setup

Once you've made the decision to move forward, we'll follow our tried and proven onboarding process to get you and your new team up and running as quickly as possible.

  •     STEP 1

    Consult And Advise

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    We'll work closely with you every step of the way. Help clarify areas of opportunity and how you can leverage those to produce savings and efficiencies for your company. We'll also provide additional detail about how our outsourcing service works, costs and processes to start.
  •     STEP 2

    Sign Service Agreement

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    All of our services are provided with a written agreement, which specifies the service levels, support and pricing that have been agreed on during our consultations. Clients are also able to visit any of our sites to inspect the services and team members to ensure it complies with their business requirements.
  •     STEP 3

    Choose the people

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    You also have the opportunity to interview (online) and select people for your new teams. They will be an important part of your future success so it's important that you choose the people you are most comfortable with.
  •     STEP 4

    Onboard new team

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    The welfare of our employees is of the up most importance to us and we provide training, a professional workspace, internal management support, paid holidays and other incentives to keep them motivated and focused on delivering the highest possible service.

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