Roxen Editorial Portal

Drag+drop Limited is excited to offer the Roxen Editorial Portal – Roxen’s cloud-based editorial content management system.

REP’s (Roxen Editorial Portal) modern web technology offers a whole new platform for implementing, using, improving and maintaining software, and enables editors to access a complete production environment through a regular browser window – a revolutionary new way for newspapers and general publishers to work. Welcome to the new era of publishing!

REP is a revolutionary product. It is completely web-based combined with true multi-channel publishing. Whether you are an Editor, Designer or Writer, you only need a web browser to plan and manage your publications and write and edit your content. Of course, it works on both Mac and PC.

There are no up-front license fees required – only monthly or quarterly fees based on named users. This means low risk and fast return on investment.

Flexibility has been given a whole new meaning.

Well-proven technology
Roxen’s technology has been developed and refined since 1994. The system is built upon open web standards (XML and AJAX), which enables smooth integration to e.g. Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

All you need is a browser
Using a Mac OS X or Windows based browser, the full power of Roxen Editorial Portal is at your fingertips. The server software runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and a wide range of Unix systems.

Implementation is a breeze
Roxen Editorial Portal software can be installed, configured and launched in full production in a matter of weeks. The need for user training is kept to a minimum thanks to the intuitive and innovative Roxen Editorial Portal web interface.