Bluefin DMP

Grow Revenue: Increase your classified revenues with powerful upsell opportunities for print and digital media platforms, while reducing operating costs.

The Opportunity: Enhance your classified presence and competitive position by offering a robust set of tools and a great user experience – for sellers and buyers. Leverage brand equity for a cohesive print, online and digital advertising strategy.

Customer Service: Our main goal is to help you grow your business. Benefit from a seamless migration of your system and rapid deployment of your solution. Receive excellent customer service and technical support from our experienced team.

The BluefinDMP – Digital Marketplace Platform – offers publishers of all sizes, a hosted solution that includes three critical components to help grow their online and print business:

Bluefin Place Ad: 
Monetize your classified listings for self-service ad creation with the ultimate in upsell opportunities to generate maximum revenue.

Bluefin Marketplace: 
Create a successful, local Community marketplace for your online, social media and mobile readers. Enhance your site content with powerful Print-to-Web features.

Bluefin Command Center: 
Easily manage your Bluefin environment with management reporting, site administration and datafeed processing.